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-Couvert R$20

Our selection of homemade breads and pates.

-Il Nostro Tagliere R$80

Our selection of cold cuts and cheese served with pecorino cheese muffin, grilled vegetables , honey and jam.

-Duo di Bruschette R$42

Double Bruschetta: Tomato, basil and buffalo mozzarella, and Parma ham, figs and goat cheese.

-Croccante di mare R$62

Crispy shrimp and squid served with homemade rocket salad mayonnaise.


Piatti Leggri

-Insalata Caprese R$38

Green salad with tomatoes and buffalo mozzarella.

-Insalata di Palmito R$38

Green salad with grilled heart of palm.

-Insalata di Tonno R$55

Mix green salad with julienne of green squash, red onions and peppers, almond and tuna served with honey and mustard dressing.

-Insalata Ceasar R$52

Ceasar salad with grilled brest of organic chicken.

-Foccacia Ripiena R$42

Our homemade foccacia filled with crème cheese, marinated salmon, rocket salad and lemon dressing.



-Tartare di Cernia R$46

White Grouper tartar with wild fennel salad, orange and black olives.

-Carpaccio di Salmone R$49

Marinated salmon carpaccio with red beet, walnut and pink pepper emulsion.

-Burrata R$52

Burrata cheese served with roasted yellow and red bell pepper, rocket salad.

-Bresaola Artigianale R$52

Artisanal air-cured beef, with fresh figs, goat cheese cream and cashew nuts.

-Crema di Cipolla Rossa R$46

Cream of red onions with poached egg.

-Polipo e Palmito R$55

Grilled octopus served with heart of palm spaghetti and sautéed potato.

-Carpaccio Di Manzo R$48

Beef carpaccio served with rocket salad, shaved parmesan cheese and pesto sauce.

-Steak Tartare R$55

Classic steak tartar served with rustic potatoes.



-Spaghetti bolognesa R$45

Spaghetti with bolognese sauce.

-Scaloppine R$45

Thin sliced tenderloin with rice, black beans and French fries.

-Sogliola R$45

Sole fillet served with mashed potato.


Le Paste

-Ravioli Mágico R$68

Ravioli with apple served in a parmesan cream sauce with poppy seed.

-Tortelli Bolognesi R$72

Tortelli filled with mortadela, prosciutto and beef served with mushroom sauce.

-Tagliatelle con ragu di agnello R$72

Tagliatelle with lamb ragú.

-Ravioli di mozzarella R$68

Ravioli with buffalo mozzarella in a tomato and basil sauce.

-Spaghetti ai funghi R$78

Fresh spaghetti served with mix mushroom sauce.

-Scialatielli ai frutti di mare R$89

Scialatielli with squid, langoustines, shrimp, slipper lobster and tomato.

-Tortelli di brie e damasco R$72

Tortelli filled with brie cheese and apricot served with creamy parmesan sauce with parma ham and spicy pepper jam.

-Gnocchetti con Scampi R$88

Potato gnocchi with langoustines and asparagus with basil pesto sauce.

-Agnolotti al Nero di Seppia R$85

Squid ink agnolotti filled with langoustines served in a cherry tomato sauce.

-Lasagna di Melanzane R$68

Eggplant lasagna with camembert cheese, red and yellow bell peppers.

-Cavatelli con Salsiccia R$72

Cavatelli with Tuscan sausage, pecorino cheese and fava beans with cream of burrata cheese.

-Tortelli di anatra R$78

Tortelli with duck served in his own juice with caramelized orange peel.
* Ask the waiter for options of gluten free pasta.



-Risotto di mare R$89

Risotto with calamari, shrimp, langoustines, slipper lobster and tomato.

-Risotto di funghi porcini R$82

Risotto with porcini mushroom.

-Riso Nero con Gamberi e Calamari R$88

Wild black rise with shrimp, quid, cherry tomatoes and crispy onion.

-Risotto al gorgonzola, zucca gialla e prosciutto di Parma R$72

Risotto with gorgonzola cheese, yellow, pumpkin and Parma Ham.



-Filetto di Cernia alla Mediterranea R$95

White Grouper grilled served with cherry tomatões and fresh herbs sauce over grilled vegetables.

-Sogliola in crosta di erbe R$88

Sole fillet in a herb crust served with asparagus and lemon risotto.

-Baccalá ala Veneta R$105

Coldfish with cherry tomato, black olives, capers and potatoes served with broccoli pure.

-Filetto di Salmone e Spiedino di Gamberi R$88

Salmon fillet grilled served with shrimp black wild rice and vegetables.



-Filetto di Manzo ai Funghi R$89

Tenderloin with thyme and porcini mushroom sauce served with polenta taragna.

-Agnello al forno R$88

Braised lamb served with Baroa mashed potato with truffle sauce.

-Tagliata di Beef de Ancho R$115

Ancho steak grilled served with rustic potatoes, Colonnata lard and green salad.

-Galletto con Peperoni e Couscous di Menta R$68

Baby chicken with mint couscous, raisins, red and yellow bell peppers.

-Chorizo alle erbe R$120

Beef of Chorizo grilled with fresh herb sauce served with rocket and tomato salad.

-Ossobuco di vitello R$88

Veal ossobuco served with saffron risotto.



-Tortino formaggio R$28

Our cheese cake with berry sauce.

-Cioccolatissimo R$30

Belgin chocolate mousse with 70% cocoa.

- Tiramisù R$30

Cake with champagne biscuit, mascarpone cheese cream, coffee and cocoa powder.

-Millefoglie R$28

Puff pastry with pastry cream and stawberry jam.

-Soufflè di Cioccolato R$34

Dark chocolate soufflè served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce.
(Order in advance! Cooking time: 20 minutes.)

-Creme Brulée di Frutta della Passione R$27

Double cream with eggs, sugar and passion fruit.

-Bruschetta Dolce R$28

French toast served with dulce de leche ice cream.

-Cioccolato Diet R$30

Diet chocolate mousse with crispy nuts.



-Spaghetti Carbonara R$68

Fresh spaghetti with cream of eggs, pecorino cheese and pancetta.

- Spaghetti Alla Amatriciana R$68

Fresh spaghetti with tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella cheese and basil.

- Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina R$68

Potato Gnocchi with tomato sauce, buffalo mozzarella cheese and basil.

- Spaghetti Alla Puttanesca R$68

Fresh spaghetti with tomato sauce, capers, black olives and anchovy.

Italian Classics Serving Two People
every Sunday from 7pm